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Cooking up an Expert – Introducing Chef Sam

Have you ever wondered who’s the mastermind behind our most recent recipes? Introducing Chef Sam, creator of all things delicious and healthy.

Sam is a fully qualified chef with a passion for healthful cooking. He personally develops all of the recipes used in all Sabretooth meals, and has become a master of making meals so tasty and satisfying people can’t stop coming back for more.

In addition to his extraordinary cooking skills, he is an avid CrossFitter, surfer and family man. He works hard every day to keep his body and mind healthy, to be a role model for not only his young sons, but for anyone looking to improve their lives.

We spent some time with him this week to find out more about what inspires him, what his life looks like on a daily basis and how nutrition plays a role in both.

Hanging out With Chef Sam:

1. Tell us what a day in your life looks like.

I wake up, make coffee and have breakfast with my wife and kids. Then I head to the gym. From the gym, I go to my kitchen for a day of cooking. Then it’s swimming class with my older son and home for family dinner. I put my boys to bed and watch an episode of a show on Netflix before bed!

2. What are you most passionate about? What inspires you?

My family and surfing. I love travelling to new surf destinations with my favourite people, and finding new and delicious foods.

3. What are your health/fitness non-negotiables?

Staying fit is a non-negotiable for me. You only have one life and one body – you gotta take care of it.

4. What is your favourite guilty pleasure?

New Zealand ice cream — hands down.

5. What song is a must on your workout playlist?

Crazy Train – Ozzy Osbourne

Theodore Roosevelt said, “With self-discipline most anything is possible.”

So take an extra helping of wisdom and like Chef Sam says, take care of your body!

Follow Chef Sam on social media: Instagram/Facebook @sabretoothlifestyle. To find some of Chef Sam’s awesome recipes on our website, click here.