Christine Frances


Biomedical Designer + Researcher


Calgary, AB

Vancouver, BC



Christine Frances Fitness

Christine Frances


Christine spent many years contemplating how to get in shape, unsure of how to achieve her goals, which included more than just aesthetics, but also improving core stability, functional strength and mental balance. Eventually, she realized that it came down to the people that she surrounded herself with. Christine chose to make friends with those who valued a healthy and fit lifestyle and decided to join a gym and stick with it, regardless of her performance levels at that point. She became inquisitive with the staff about how to use equipment and became more intrigued with how to raise the bar surrounding her own personal fitness goals, leading her to complete a Certification in Personal Training so that she could apply what she knew and could also push herself further by helping others. Christine’s personal training instructor, who later turned into her competition coach and close friend, encouraged her endlessly. She believed in Christine’s potential even when she didn't see it in herself. She motivated Christine to push myself beyond her self-perceived limits. Christine has been consistently weight training for 10 years now, with no intention of ever stopping. To her, strong is beautiful. 

Christine currently works full time as a Biomedical Designer and Researcher. She has found it tough throughout the years to balance her career, relationships and fitness journey. But it is the days that Christine feels the most drained that she laces up her running shoes and exercises regardless. Those are the days that she feels she needs it the most. Christine knows that her workouts are a crucial part of her overall health and she takes that seriously. Sometimes life happens and a workout has to get pushed aside, but those days are rare for Christine. With structure, comes consistency and with consistency comes results. This is what Christine has learned over the years and she argues that it holds true in every other aspect of her life as well.

Favourite Way to Sweat

Christine trains and competes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Bodybuidling . Her favourite Leg Day workout looks something like this:

- Warm Up: Skipping 5 minutes

- 180lb Sled Push

- 250lbs Tire Flips

- 50lbs TRX Sled Pull

- Box Jumps Superset with Goblet Squats

- Agility Ladder: Mohammad Ali Style

- Hanging Leg Raises

- Running: 10 minutes

Favourite Way to Recover Post-Workout

Christine’s go-to recovery routine includes, myofascial release with a foam roller, a Kaizen Naturals® protein shake with BCAAs, an organic apple and water.

Greatest Accomplishment

Christine considers her greatest accomplishment to be completing a master’s degree from Carleton University in Industrial Design + Biomedical Engineering.

Fitness competitions have also brought her a sense of personal accomplishment.

Go-To Recipe

Living Your Best Life

To Christine, living your best life means feeling calm, healthy and strong. It means finding a beautiful balance between family, friends, work and play. It means that you find motivation to push yourself physically to achieve the goals that you spent years dreaming of. It also means that you listen to your body and take quiet time when necessary. It's knowing your body and mind and respecting yourself as much as your respect every other meaningful person in your life. It's putting yourself first and ensuring you have what you need so you can give back in every other area of your life. It's waking up every day with purpose and love and new goals on the horizon that feed your soul. And it's also forgiving yourself for not being perfect but moving forward with a grateful heart for all the things in your life that you're blessed with.

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