Clem Duranseaud


Personal Trainer


Vancouver, BC




Clem Duranseaud


Clem is a personal trainer who focuses on developing confidence in his clients. He believes that training is more than just weightlifting and nutrition, but about how everything can tie together to help reach individual goals. Clem has an undergraduate degree in Sport Sciences from Toulouse, France and is a certified personal trainer. His active lifestyle begun in his early years while playing rugby growing up, but he now focuses on triathlon and strength training. As a contact sports enthusiast, Clem is no stranger to injuries. The injuries that he has endured along his journey have helped him learn the importance of recovery and prevention methods, which he passes on to his clients.

Favourite Way to Sweat

Clem’s favourite ways to sweat are triathlon training and strength training. For his triathlon training in particular, he enjoys a good bike-run brick workout.

Favourite Way to Recover Post-Workout

Clem’s favourite way to recover post-workout is by heading out and grabbing sushi with his workout partner.

Greatest Accomplishment

Clem considers his greatest accomplishment to be starting a successful training business.

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