Jeff Gloria


Personal Trainer


Toronto, ON


Jeff Gloria


Jeff Gloria is an online and in-home personal trainer who enjoys spending his time on self-development practices, such as reading books that will help him grow and open himself up to perspectives that he may not have been able to discover on his own. Currently an AFSA Certified Personal Trainer, Jeff is planning to expand his knowledge by taking more education health and fitness courses. Outside of his love for health and fitness, Jeff is also passionate about traveling and creating content on social media for the world to see. Outside of the gym, Jeff keeps his body moving by partaking in yoga, basketball, and other physical activities.

Favourite Way to Sweat

Jeff’s favourite way to sweat his by following a 7-day workout schedule and adding in some additional sport activities on the weekends. His all-time favourite exercise is the deadlift because he believes it’s the best exercise to fire up the central nervous system and excel in overall strength and power.

Favourite Way to Recover Post-Workout

Jeff’s post-workout routine involves drinking a protein smoothie made with Kaizen Naturals® Protein Powder, frozen berries, almond butter, and oats for the perfect post-workout protein/carb ratio.

Greatest Accomplishment

Jeff considers his greatest accomplishment to be achieving his personal training certification. This career choice has opened many doors for Jeff as well as introduced him to like-minded people that share similar goals and ambition. Jeff enjoys every aspect of personal training and all the responsibilities that come with it.

Go-To Recipes

Living Your Best Life

To Jeff, living your best life means doing what you love and making an impact on those around you.

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