Jonathon Jennings


Professional Football Player


Vancouver, BC

Columbus, OH


Jonathon Jennings


Jonathon Jennings began his fitness journey with one thing in mind, performance. He had loved football all his life and in college, while playing for Saginaw Valley State University, Jonathon began studying ways to improve his performance. He knew that a strict training regime and a nutritious diet would help him improve his performance and advance his career in football, the sport he loves. Every day Jonathon puts in the effort and strives for constant, never-ending improvement, but he didn’t always have this mindset. Throughout high school, Jonathon let his confidence and natural talent discourage him from putting in the necessary effort to excel. However, after suffering multiple injuries and not getting the division offers that he expected, Jonathon was humbled and realized that he would have to take his training to the next level in order to achieve his life-long goals. This hard work and dedication paid off for Jonathon as he is now the quarterback for the BC Lions, a professional football team in the Canadian Football League.

A man of faith, Jonathon Jennings graduated with a degree in Finance from Saginaw Valley State University in Saginaw Michigan. Aside from football, his passions include finance and travelling. He wants to end experience as much of the world as possible with his loving wife and best friend.

Favourite Way to Sweat

Jonathon’s favourite exercises are hill and stair sprints. He will vary the workout by doing single step runs, double step runs, hill sprints and back peddles for a full 45-minute workout. Following this, Jonathon will finish with a mile-long jog.

Favourite Way to Recover Post-Workout

After a long hard workout, Jonathon enjoys shooting a basketball or throwing a football for around 15 minutes to loosen up and then makes a huge fruit and veggie smoothie with a protein shake to jump start his recover.

Jonathon’s smoothie will typically include: banana, honey, flax seed, chia seeds, cherry juice, water, blueberries, green superfood powder, and kale or spinach.

Greatest Accomplishment

Jonathon considers marrying his high school sweetheart to be his greatest accomplishment. He states that she makes him the man that he has grown to be. In addition, Jonathon is very proud of reaching the professional level in football that he is currently at. It was a goal that he set for himself as a kid and he has worked throughout his whole life to achieve it.


Living Your Best Life

To Jonathon, living your best life means living a life of gratitude and service. He believes that if we are thankful for the things that we have, we will all live a joyful, happy and wonderful life. Jonathon is especially thankful for his strong relationships with family and friends.

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