Sydney Kellington


Fitness Coach


Winnipeg, MB



Sydney Kellington


An online fitness coach through ISSA, Sydney Kellington has overcome many obstacles including and ACL & Meniscus reconstruction surgery in order to compete in not one, but two bikini bodybuilding competitions. Sydney began her fitness journey at the young age of 18 motivated by the desire to feel confident and healthy. Now, Sydney is currently working towards a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Manitoba.

Favourite Way to Sweat

Sydney’s favourite way to sweat is at hot yoga. She also loves to include supersets in her workout, such as barbell hip thrust supersetted with a single leg thrust.

Favourite Way to Recover Post-Workout

Sydney’s post-workout routine involves a good stretch and relaxing in the sauna.

Greatest Accomplishment

Sydney considers her greatest accomplishment to be stepping on stage for her first bikini bodybuilding competition.

Go-To Recipes

Living Your Best Life

To Sydney, living your best life means working towards being the best version of herself so that she can live a long healthy life. She hopes to inspire and encourage others to take pride in their own health journeys.

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