Kyle Ardill


Personal Trainer


Toronto, ON



 Kyle Ardill

Kyle Ardill


Kyle’s interest in fitness began after suffering a multitude of injuries at a very early age while competing in baseball and football. Kyle’s drive to be the best influenced him to begin lifting weights and dry land training, knowing that natural talent would not be enough to overcome these injuries and continue to progress in the sports that he was so passionate about. This drive has carried Kyle through the process of creating a business, SWAT Health, which has helped thousands of people better their lives in the four years since its founding.  Kyle is an active trainer, high school football coach and likes to balance his busy days at work with some quality time at home with his loved ones. An extremely humble guy, Kyle attributes his success to the people on his team; “They are the heartbeat of any success I am blessed enough to gather.”

Favourite Way to Sweat

Sports are Kyle’s preferred method of working out, be it football, basketball, beach volleyball, or anything else that allows him to get active with a group of friends. When it comes to gym-based exercise, Kyle loves to hit the weights in any of SWAT Health’s locations. Having been taught at an early age, his biggest passion is rooted in Olympic lifting specifically, power cleans.  

Favourite Way to Recover Post-Workout

Kyle consistently ends his workouts with an isolate protein shake. While he wishes he could relax post-workout, he is often at work or has the rest of his busy life waiting. With Kyle, it’s all about the refuel.

Greatest Accomplishment

Kyle names the development and creation of SWAT Health to be his greatest and most impactful accomplishment. Though he has been able to reach many amazing goals in his life, Kyle finds that reaching the goal of helping and bettering the lives of others to be the most rewarding. The family at SWAT Health has been fortunate enough to develop great friends from the committed client base that they have built, and Kyle could not be more proud of his team.

Go-To Recipe

Living Your Best Life

To Kyle, living your best life means living a life with balance, recognizing what makes him the happiest (family, friends, business) and balancing that with a healthy lifestyle.

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